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Fabric paint T-shirts

Looking for a bit of sneaky blog promotion? Of course you are. I’m always looking for ways to get my blog into a conversation, so I decided to make a hand painted T-shirt. I can just imagine how it will go tomorrow at the school gates:

SCHOOL RUN MUM: Ooooh I love your T-shirt. Where did you get it? Versace? (note to self: check Versace make t-shirts before I post.) 

ME: What this old thing, no I made it myself.

SCHOOL RUN MUM: Wow, it’s lovely. It must have taken ages to do the hand painting.

ME: No it didn’t actually. Would you believe, it was with a stick of celery.

SCHOOL RUN MUM: (looks puzzled) Celery?

ME: Yes, amazing isn’t it? And look here, this is the name of my blog, if you read it later you can find out how to do it.

SCHOOL RUN MUM: (edging away nervously) Blog, what, the what what?

ME: You know, a blog, where you write down all your innermost thoughts and feelings for all the world to read.


ME: Anyway, I can make you a T-shirt if you want.

SCHOOL RUN MUM: Erm…. that’s ok. (beats a hasty retreat, pushing child to safety first).
Well if the school gates aren’t a goer, there’s always Blogfest.

Look here for how to print roses with a stick of celery. I know, impressive eh?!

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