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Extra-Curricular Activities That Build Your Child’s Confidence

We like to think that our efforts to boost our children’s confidence pays off, but sometimes even though we find them a good school, and put every effort into ensuring that they are supported and happy, their confidence can take a knock here and there. We are all human and so our confidence levels aren’t always what we would like them to be. This is the same for adults and children, so as parents we continually look for places and activities that our children can explore, that will improve their confidence. Not only are we able to access online tools that can help us in this quest, but we can also access extracurricular activities that will boost their self-esteem and confidence levels. Here are a few options to try that will potentially improve your child’s confidence and are also fun at the same time.


Many schools offer the option to learn an instrument as an extra activity. But this isn’t always possible, there are also only a few options available, depending on the tutor or teacher available at the time. That’s why many people are turning into helping their child learn to play instruments at home. 

Playing the guitar for example is a brilliant way to help your child feel accomplished and confident. You can now learn how to play guitar online or with a private tutor, and websites such as Student of Guitar have plenty of resources and information at hand to help you along the way. Learning how to play an instrument stays with you throughout your lifetime, and even if it isn’t something that you carry on throughout your adult life, you will still be able to recall how it felt when you learnt to play that first song. Not only does learning to play an instrument improve confidence levels, but it’s also a mindfulness activity that is incredibly powerful for children.


Many people think that you have to have an active lifestyle to start an activity such as football or rugby, but everyone has to start somewhere, and even though your child may feel a little bit unsure at first, you will find that they are running around and joining in without a second thought within a couple of weeks. Children are very adaptable and can pick up a new sport much quicker than us as parents may be able to. If your child has shown an interest in an activity, and there is a local team that you may be able to sign them up to, then it’s always a good idea to test the water and get in touch with the organiser. 

You may find that there are more options available, and a welcoming group of people that can help your child with their confidence levels by working as a team, and reaching goals together. Not all sports have to be competitive, some are there recreationally, which is more than enough for some children to feel as though they are accomplished and improve their confidence levels. 


Dancing is one of those activities that many people have a preconceived idea about, but if you do your research and you find a professionally run dance school, or an academy, that is near you, you will find that there is much more to it than meets the eye. The strength and overall resilience that is needed to get through dance classes and complete a routine, shorter boost confidence levels significantly. Dancing is proven to be an activity that is great for overall fitness levels and any dancer will tell you that the commitment and hard work that you have to put in always pays off in the end. 

Reaching goals and feeling as though you are part of something are both guaranteed ways for a child to feel confident and hold a great amount of self-esteem. It goes without saying that this activity has extra expenses attached to it, but most dance parents will tell you that the benefits to their child’s overwhelming confidence and happiness, make it all worthwhile.


Family Time

Above all else, a child that feels well cared for and has quality time with their family is a child that will be confident and happy within themselves. Most families are incredibly busy these days, but without a doubt spending time with parents and siblings, taking part in activities and sharing events, can do wonders for confidence and self-esteem. We all remember the positive and happy times from our childhood that made us feel great, so emulating this for our children is a good idea.

Ultimately guiding our children and ensuring that they have many opportunities to feel good about their achievements, can vastly improve their vision of themselves and in turn their confidence levels. And a confident and happy child will learn and grow.

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