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Emotion Pets Playfuls – Review

Emotion Pets Playfuls


You can tell how much Charlotte loves this monkey emotion pet by looking at the delight on her face. I’m not sure cheeky monkeys are the best role model for her – but still. There are two different monkey available and we were sent Coco – an especially cute red monkey. He has a lovely face and soft fur and the girls all found him very appealing.

For me the best thing about the toy was that his large hands and feet interlock so it feels like he is really cuddling you.

Emotion Pets Playfuls

His long tail is delightfully fluffy and it even means he can hang up – like a real monkey.

Emotion Pets Playfuls

The sounds are cute and very realistic and Charlotte really enjoyed the cute eating noise he makes when you put food to his face.  He moves a lot – pretending to go to sleep and swishing his tail. I was a bit disappointed that the motor noise of the tail is so loud and is really distracting, except for that it is very realistic – but the motor noise reminds you that it is a toy. Luckily this didn’t bother the twins though.

The emotion pets playfuls cost around £34.99 and need 3 AAA batteries.

Emotion Pets Playfuls

Disclaimer: The toy was sent to me for the purposes of this review

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