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Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal Review

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal

We were walking around the toy shop the other day when all the girls suddenly stopped and started squealing and clapping their hands in delight. Why? because they had seen the impossibly cute Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal. It couldn’t have been better timing when the email popped up the next day asking if we wanted to review one.

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal

Sugar the Seal looks adorable. With large blue eyes and soft white fur you just want to pick him up for a cuddle. He is very cuddly, perfectly designed to fit into a child’s arms. They don’t want to put him down.

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal

Sugar the Seal is an emotion pet which means he has realistic movements. The animatronics are really impressive. He blinks his eyes and waggles his fins which mean he can move along a flat surface.He makes an assortment of cute noises, calling you to play with him and falling asleep when you leave him alone. To see him move you can watch the Youtube video at the top of the post.

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal

Sugar the Seal has a little fish to play with. When you put it near his mouth he makes a fun chewing sound and wriggles his nose very convincingly. The good thing is that he does all the functions randomly  so it seems more realistic. There is a slight whirring sound int he background when Sugar is moving but it isn’t very noticeable.


Sugar is very well packaged – it looks very enticing – without any additional packaging. You do need to have 4 AA batteries to make him work.

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal

I think this toy is going to be a total sell out for Christmas. I hope santa has made a lot of them.

Emotion Pets Sugar the Seal is suitable for ages 2+ and the RRP is £59.99

Disclaimer: We were sent a toy for the purposes of this review.

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