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Electric Toothbrush: Makes Brushing Easier And More Effective For Children

The electric toothbrush is one of the modern marvels of these technologically innovative times. Although such a device may have sounded fictional only a few decades ago, this product can now be found in millions of homes around the world. They are cheap, easy to use and can provide an individual with an efficient means of proper dental hygiene. In particular, this dental care product is ideal for smaller children that may not possess the proper brushing habits of an adult. So, let us take a quick look at the main advantages that this toothbrush can provide to a child.

More Effective Cleaning

The most obvious benefit is that fact that this brush will generally clean a child’s teeth better than if he or she were manually brushing. Although some studies have found that the level of cleaning is similar to the manual method in adults, it should be recalled that most children are not aware of how to physically brush properly. Thus, electric models will help scour away plaque and food particulates that can lead to future cavities.


A Gentle Touch

Some children have a tendency to brush their teeth too hard and applying a great deal of pressure can damage young teeth and even cause the gums to recede. A child is much less likely to feel the need to brush hard and this can help protect young teeth and gums.

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Aspects of a Good Design

One of the first things that needs to be recognized is that a child may be reluctant to brush his or her teeth for the appropriate period of time (normally for two minutes). The best models for children are brushes that offer a built-in timer. Ideally, this timer should buzz or beep every thirty seconds, as this is the recommended time period to clean each of the four quadrants of one’s mouth.

Another interesting feature that some brushes offer is a smiley face or other interactive design. This will make brushing more fun than it may initially appear. Thus, a child will look forward to the experience and can develop good dental hygiene habits that he or she will bring until adulthood.

Finally, avoid brushes that have an attached electrical cord. These can present an electrocution hazard and a child may even inadvertently wrap the cord around his or her neck.

Choosing the correct electric toothbrush will help instill powerful dental habits in a child and these are but a few of the most relevant reasons why may parents choose these modern devices.

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Disclaimer: This is a guest post. 

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