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Effective Exercises You Can Do With Your Birth Ball

Effective Exercises You Can Do With Your Birth Ball

A birth ball can provide an abundance of support and relief to an expecting mother. There are many ways to strengthen and nurture the pregnancy and fetus with a birth ball. Here, we discuss some simple but effective exercises you can do on a birth ball to move things along with ease.

Hip Circles

Hip circles on the birth ball are one of the most basic motions you can do to experience relief. This basic motion provides your baby with a soft, slow, and soothing rhythm while giving your hips and pelvis a way to release tension. Try to move your hips in both directions for about 5 minutes on each side to create a balanced flow.

Kneeling Roll Outs

A kneeling rollout exercise requires a little more core strength and may not be feasible once your growing belly reaches a certain size. Place both knees on the ground in front of the birth ball and rest your upper body on the ball. Position the ball to your comfort to ensure full support.

Roll yourself across the ball back and forth, extending your knees and legs to a comfortable position. The back-and-forth motion helps build core strength while engaging your hips. For those seeking a natural birth, whether in the hospital or at home, this is an excellent exercise to try in the second trimester.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Engaging in any type of pelvic floor therapy can provide invaluable support during labor and postpartum. One of the many things to consider before giving birth is the variety of birth complications you could experience and how you can reduce the risk. For example, your movement and strength may affect your postpartum recovery. By using the birth ball to build strength in your pelvis, you can ensure a smooth transition into postpartum and encourage an easier healing process.

Consider sitting on the birth ball upright and moving your core back and forth while rolling the ball beneath you. These simple motions can work the muscles in the pelvic region while opening and strengthening the hips.

Supported Wall Squats

The supported wall squat is an excellent option when you’re preparing for labor but not ready quite yet. These exercises will require a little more muscle and inner strength as you rely on your thighs and glutes. The goal is to build endurance and stamina in the pelvic region so that you can withstand the demands of natural labor.

Place your back against the wall with the birth ball supporting you from below, then raise yourself just enough to feel the burn and count to 20. Remember to breathe deep into your core and release back onto the ball when you feel strained.

Performing some of these exercises on your birth ball can provide you relief at any stage of pregnancy. It’s vital to remember to only do the movement that feels right for your needs and abilities; try not to stress yourself or your body out. You’re doing hard work every day of your pregnancy!

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