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Editing Photographs – fairy magic

Just a very quick post about editing photographs, as I’m supposed to be doing the ironing – yawn. The delectable Five Go Blogging has been showing how you can transform a photo using picnic, a free internet program. I have only used this to resize my badge and header through flickr so haven’t had chance to have a proper play. However I’m not so sure I can be easily swayed from the wonders of photoshop. Yes it’s very complicated. Yes it takes a week to change the colour of a font but the results are amazing. I thought I’d share my photoshop efforts and then see how they compare with picnic. So here are my photos for the most ridiculously over-edited photo competition.

 Anyway, these photos took me over two weeks of tinkering. Photo editing eats time. It was worth it though as my daughter still talks about the time Tinkerbell landed on her hand. That’s magic! I’m going to enter this into the Big App challenge as my daughter needs a new poster on her wall. I would love to make this into a huge poster for her bedroom. I just need to decide which picture is best. The Big App is very easy to use. You just upload your picture and choose how big you want to make it. Both my pictures looked best with 24 A4 sheets which will cover one whole wall. How fantastic! The App then turns the picture into a PDF file. 

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