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Christmas Stained Glass Suncatchers

Easy stained glass windows

I love making stained glass window decorations with the girls. It’s one of my favourite crafts because it’s so cheap, easy and mess free. However when I’ve tried to make some with a group of more than two or three children I’ve found it really hard. The problem is that cutting and sticking the contact paper is a bit fiddly and you have to be really careful when you stick it to a table as it is ruined if you knock it or put something on top of it. I then realised that if you use a paper plate it is much easy. You can make a load of them for the children to decorate and leave them for a few hours and they won’t be ruined. They also make pretty effective Christmas baubles. Here’s our Christmas Stained Glass Suncatchers.

Easy stained glass windows

Materials To Make Christmas Stained Glass Suncatchers

  • paper plates
  • contact paper (sticky back plastic)
  • tissue paper
  • ribbon
Easy stained glass windows

How To Make Christmas Stained Glass Suncatchers

  • Cut a circle in the paper plate.
  • Cut a small square of contact paper, the size of the hole and stick it to the back of the plate.
  • Older children can do this themselves.
  • Cut the tissue paper into small pieces.
  • This is great for working on scissors and fine motor skills.
  • Then let the children decorate the inside with tissue paper.
Easy stained glass windows

When the contact paper is completely covered stick them to the windows. Use a piece of ribbon to make it look like they are hung up. Add a small piece of the paper plate to the top of the bauble.

Easy stained glass windows

These look lovely however you decorate them. Younger children can just stick the tissue paper all over, or a pattern looks really good. This is definitely easiest way we have found to make stained glass window decorations. In fact, I was able to prep these for a whole class of 30 children in less than half an hour which means it is easy to set up. I was never able to do this when I used card template and could only do a table at a time.

Easy stained glass windows

I think they look great when you put the tissue paper in a circle pattern

Easy stained glass windows

Here are some of the baubles up close. They look really lovely with the light shining through and make your windows look really festive.

Easy stained glass windows

In a school or playgroup, each child could make one and then you could send them home at the end of term as they look just as good  on their own or in a group.

Easy stained glass windows

Save for Later!

Easy Stained Glass Windows for Christmas - this quick and easy no mess craft is so festive and will soon have your windows looking amazing for Christmas. Perfect for schools, nurseries and playgroups as it is really easy to set up.

Here is a round up of all my other stained glass window decorations. Stained Glass Window Decorations

Stained glass window roundup

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