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Easy Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Pumpkin Halloween decoration

I love Fall colours for creating with. Pumpkins are my favourite motif for Autumn and Halloween as they are great for children and not too scary. We knew we wanted to make some Pumpkin decorations to go around the house and just needed a few extra materials when this lovely box of goodies arrived.

Halloween decorations

While the girls had an explored the materials I set up some materials for them to make Pumpkin door hangers.

I gave them:

  • orange cupcake cases
  • green and black ribbon
  • black craft foam shapes
  • googly eyes
  • black pom poms
  • Bostik glue dots
Halloween decorations

I left the pattern completely up to the girls. They always have their own ideas about what to do anyway.

Pumpkin decorations

The glue dots helped to stick things on and made this much less messy. It is also easier to position things on.

Halloween crafting

The pumpkin faces turned out so cute.

Halloween crafting

We used a strip of ribbon as the stalk folded in half to be a hanger. They are a fun decoration for a door or hanging from the mantelpiece and would also make a good Halloween card.

Pumpkin Halloween decoration
Olaf from cake cases

Of course as always the girls had their own ideas. Instead of making a pumpkin Rose found silver cupcake cases and made an Olaf snowman. 

Halloween activities for kids

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This was our post for the Bostik Blogger Network. We were sent the materials for the purposes of this post.


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