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Easy Homemade Cards for Gelatines Day

Easy Homemade Cards with Gel-a-peel

We were sent a couple of new packs of Gel-a-Peel to use to make cards for Valentines Day or as they have renamed it – Gelatines Day! I had never thought about using Gel-a-peel for card making before so I was really excited to get started. 


We were sent two packs the Gel-a-Peel Jelly Pack and the Gel-a-Peel Fuzzy Kit as well as some pretty pastel card to use. You can use both kits to make some pretty jewellery and the best thing is that everything is included in the kit so it makes a fantastic birthday present for a crafty child. These kits cost under £16 which is a really good price for the amount you can do.  

In the kit, you get three pretty purple, pink and turquoise coloured tubes of Gel-a-Peel. They come with different nozzles so you create all sorts of patterns. There are also some earrings and a tool to cut the Gel-a-Peel. There are instructions to make all different kinds of bracelets and earrings. This set also comes with two little pots of flocking material, this is what makes the Gel-a-Peel fuzzy, as well as a little brush.

Easy Homemade Cards with Gel-a-peel

As well as theGel-a-Peel we used card and photos from our mini printer. The card is a very simple design with a small rectangle of pink put onto a cream card. We stuck three mini photos onto the front of the card. Then with a thin nozzle wrote a greeting on the front. This does take a little bit of practice to ensure you get even letters. It is worth practising on the plastic sheets which come in the pack.

The next stage is the fun part as you use the little pot to flock the Gel-a-Peel while it is so wet. The flocking matches the colour of the Gel-a-Peel exactly.

Easy Homemade Cards with Gel-a-peel

We used the bracelet template to add a bow to the top of the card. We left it to dry for a few hours before writing inside. The girls decided they want to make a matching bracelet to go inside the card.

Easy Homemade Cards with Gel-a-peel

This is such an easy card design to make but looks really effective. You could use it for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or really any occasion, all you need to do is change the greeting on the outside. You could also use different coloured Gel-a-Peel and make cards for a Wedding, or Christmas really easily.

Easy Homemade Cards with Gel-a-peel

Disclaimer: We were sent the pack for the purposes of this review. 

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