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Easy Heart Window Decorations

Do you need an excuse to eat more sweeties? Of course you do – well this easy craft uses those little cellophane wrappers from sweets. I saved them at christmas and have been wondering what to do with them. The view from the window was looking a bit drab once all the now had gone so it seemed the perfect time to create some pretty window art to decorate it.

Valentines crafts

We used:

  • sweetie wrappers/cellophane
  • sticky backed plastic (contact paper)
  • masking tape
  • craft foam

I cut up some hearts from the cellophane – tissue paper would work just as well. Onto the table I stuck a piece of sticky back plastic down with masking tape. Then I just let the girls stick on hearts in any random pattern.


While they were doing that I cut out a large heart from craft foam. When they were finished we stuck it onto the reverse of the sticky back plastic and then cut the plastic to the same shape. It needs to go on the reverse so the sticky back plastic can stick to the window.


I love it that something so simple can look so pretty. It’s great for colour recognition too.

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