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Easy Frozen Cake Pop Recipe

Frozen themed cake pops - perfect for a Disney Frozen fan

I love to make cake pops for parties as they are so inviting. They aren’t the easiest thing to make though so I wanted to keep them really simple this year as I only had a short amount of time. I find it so much easier if you don’t stand them up as you don’t have to worry about them dripping or falling apart. They don’t look quite as good but the children don’t mind.
Disney Frozen cake pops - perfect for a Frozen birthday party


2 small Madeira cakes

1 pot of ready made icing (Betty Crocker rich and Creamy Icing)

500g white chocolate

blue sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, silver balls

cake pop sticks

easy cake pop recipe


Cut the edge off the cakes. Mix with the icing, you can make your own butter icing but I used a tub of Betty Crocker this time. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge to cool for 30 mins.

Roll the cake balls into spheres, stick the cake pop sticks in each and return to the fridge for 30mins- 1hr If you are having trouble keeping the cake pop on the stick then you can put a small bit of the chocolate on the base of the cake pop before you put it in the fridge so it sticks together.

Melt the white chocolate.  Dip the cake pops into the chocolate and then roll in the topping. I did half blue and half white and shimmery to give it a Frozen feel.

Leave in the fridge until the chocolate sets.

cake pops - Frozen

I find these work best if I leave them int he fridge as long as possible otherwise they can go a bit gooey. I find the colder they are the better it works. Another tip is to put the melted chocolate in a tall thin container so that you can put dip the whole of the cake pop in.

Frozen themed cake pops - perfect for a Disney Frozen fan

I presented them using an Olaf toy and some rice paper snowflakes. I also wrapped a few and put them in the party bags. They didn’t last long!

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