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Easy Christmas Tree Cards For Toddlers

Probably my favourite craft activity with the kids is to make Christmas cards. Christmas craft materials are lovely and sparkly with lots of glitter and pom poms. Anything looks good with added glitter. Shop bought cards are so expensive and somehow not as special as something a child can produce – with wonky edges and scribbles inside. 

Two years ago the twins were 6 months. The only crafting they would do was to eat the glitter. Handprints are good for this age as long as you don’t mind a bit of paint – and babies are washable after all. The only problem is that with a 6 month old you might not be feeling the desire to get craft materials out. Instead go for the easy option. Find a cute picture of your baby – preferably sitting next to the Christmas tree dressed as a Christmas pudding and get it printed into a card – or do it yourself. Nothing could be cuter than a baby dressed as a christmas pudding can it? Hang on a minute – yes of course it can – TWO babies dressed as Christmas puddings! Sometimes it is better to be a twin mum after all!

Christmas puddings

Crafting With Young Kids

Last year the twins were 18 months old. Prime time to start crafting. Well with a lot of supervision. We made a variety of cards last year. We did a big session of hand printing and the trees came out the best. These are pretty easy – two green hand prints with green pom poms stuck to the bottom. Add some glitter and a star on top and stick onto a card with your message stamped on the bottom – or you could print a message to put on it.

easy Christmas cards for toddlers

We also made some cards using felt Christmas tree shapes. I pre cut these and let the girls decorate them with stickers and sequins and glitter. The good thing about this is that you can let the toddlers decorate their little tree however they want. As long as the stickers are vaguely coordinated it doesn’t really matter where they put them. Easy!

Simple Christmas cards for toddlers

This was Molly last year teaching the twins how to make cards.Although it’s not the best picture in the world I love it because it captures them working together doing something fun.

We are just getting starting to think about this year’s cards, to find out what we make don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.

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Christmas Pinterest

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