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Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

Easter rabbit game

While I was having a tidy up over the half term holiday I found this Easter rabbit game I made for the girls last year using rabbits and tiny carrots. This started off as just a play set but we added a fine motor skills element by using the tweezers to sort the carrots. It is also great for maths skills, as you can count the rabbits and match the carrots.

easter rabbit craft

Materials You Will Need To Make Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

  • pom poms
  • felt
  • googly eyes
  • pink gem stickers
  • PVA glue

We stuck the pom poms together with the glue and then cut out the ears with felt and stuck them on. The face was made with googly eyes and a gem for the nose.

bunny craft

The carrots are really simple to make. You just need a short piece of green and orange pipe cleaners. Then you twist the two pieces together. The girls got a bit obsessed with these and we have a whole vegetable patch worth of them.

pipe cleaner carrots
Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

We store the bunnies in an egg carton. You can write numbers on the bottom of the egg carton to encourage the children to count the bunnies. These are really good for counting games as you can put things in each gap. Some of these bunnies are a bit smaller as we bought them from the supermarket last year.

The girls like matching the carrots to the bunnies.

Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

They are developing their fine motor skills by using the tweezers to pick up the carrots.

Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

They are working on their math skills by counting the rabbits and sharing out the carrots. This half term we have been practicing one more and one less which works brilliantly with these bunnies. You could make it more formal by writing the number sentences down.

Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

This is a great little set you could give as a present for Easter.

Easy Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial in an egg box
Bunnies in an egg box

The only problem is the bunnies from the easter rabbit game get everywhere. They even end up in little cups on the light table.

Easter bunnies


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