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Easter Movies for Kids

Easter movies for kids

Easter feels really early this year. It only seems a moment a go that we were opening Christmas presents and to be honest I don’t really feel in the mood for bunnies and eggs. Chocolate yes. I can always do chocolate. So I thought I would look for some Easter movies to watch with the kids to get us all in the mood.

Easter movies for kids

I guess the reason there aren’t many films is that they would only be watched for a short time rather than all year round. A film like Legends of the Guardians is suitable all year round but does include the Easter Bunny (like you’ve never seen him before).


Easter With Max and Ruby

It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown

Winnie the Pooh, Springtime with Roo

Rise of the Guardians

Easter Parade

Bugs Bunnies Easter Funnies

Guess How Much I Love You Easter Tales

The Dog Who Saved Easter

Dora’s Easter Collection

Springtime Max and Ruby

So what is your favourite Easter film? Are there any I have missed off the list? Let me know on my Facebook page or twitter.

Easter movies for kids

If you are looking out for a treat to eat while you are watching you favourite film then check out our Easter Popcorn.

Easy peasy Easter Popcorn

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