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Personalised Easter cards from Bonusprint

Easter is approaching, and what would be nicer than sending out some gorgeous invitations to Easter Lunch, or just wishing your friends and family a personalised Happy Easter?

There are a number of companies where you can order personalised cards for your loved ones now. I love being able to send a photo of the girls, it’s a great way to show relatives how they are growing up and the picture can then be used again.

I used to used Bonusprint when I had my first camera. Of course then there was no Internet and no digital cameras so I would send off my roll of film and wait for a couple of weeks and then the prints would be developed. It was exciting when they finally arrived but the wait was excruciating and sometimes the end result would be a disappointing blend of blurred photos, and people looking the wrong way. Not quite the good old days. Some things have improved with time and photo printing is definitely one of them. You can upload your pictures in you own home and they are often returned within a couple of days.

Bonusprint is quite easy to use. You can upload your pictures in a few minutes. It would be nice if you could download them from other photo sites like Flickr, but the process is quite quick. Once you have them saved you can print them or make up into photo gifts.

It is very easy to make a simple photo card. There are cards for all occasions, although there are not many styles to choose from. The advantage to using Bonusprint over a company that only makes cards is that you will probably already have the photos on the site and there are more choices to make with the photos after. With prices starting at just 55p I think this is a really good option.

I made two different Easter cards which I am really happy with. The quality of the cards is really good and they were delivered quickly. You can also choose to get your cards delivered straight to the person, great if you’re like me and never get them sent on time.

I also made a few gifts which I used for mothers day but would also make good presents for Easter if you don’t want to buy someone an egg. I made some magnets and key rings all with my favourite photo of the girls which I gave to my relatives.

Disclaimer: I was sent a code so I could order these photo products. The views expressed are my own.

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