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Easter Cards for Preschoolers to Make

easter card using cupcake cases

One of my favourite crafts to do with preschoolers is to make cards. I don’t think sending cards at Easter is as popular as at other times of year but it is a really lovely craft to do with children and the pretty colours and cute chicks and bunnies make lovely cards.

bostik glitter glue

I set up lots of pastel coloured craft supplies and let the children have free reign over what they made.

We used:

  • Easter chicks and bunnies
  • cupcakes
  • pom poms
  • letter buttons
  • buttons
  • flower stickers
  • ribbon
  • card
  • craft foam cut into egg shapes
  • glue
  • bostik clear dots
  • bostik glitter glue
Easter materials

The girls had very clear ideas of what they wanted to make. I think it is a good craft to let preschoolers make own their own because all the colours are complementary so whatever they do will look good.

Easter crafting

The first card was just made with a few pretty Spring flower stickers. This is so easy and mess free. It works because the blue craft foam makes the stickers really stand out. I didn’t help at all with this one. I did suggest some writing in the middle but that idea was rejected.

easy easter card

One of my favourite materials to craft with at Easter is the colourful little chicks you can buy. These can be used for everything and are so cute. This year we found some bunnies too.

easter chicks

Rose wanted to use the little chicks on her card. I suggested she make some grass by cutting up one of the green cupcake cases. I helped Rose with the cutting of these. She then stuck lots of felt eggs across the middle.

making easter cards

We used some Blu Tack glue dots to stick on the chicks. These are great because they are transparent so you can’t see them but really strong for paper crafting.

easter egg card forkids

There was a big white space at the top. We used a yellow cupcake case to make a sun.

easter egg card for preschoolers

Finally we stuck the egg shape onto a piece of pale blue card.

easter card using cupcake cases

The final card was completely the Rose’s idea. We had lots of pretty ribbon and they placed she across the egg shape in lines. I helped by cutting the ribbon to the right length but an older child would be able to do that themselves. She is a bit of a perfectionist and wasn’t very happy with the ribbon as it didn’t lay completely flat.

easter egg card with ribbons

I helped Rose stick the letters on. I wasn’t very keen on the colours when we were doing it as they looked a bit bright but actually they stood out really well and made a bit of a contrast.

easter card for preschoolers

The hard bit of working with preschoolers is that sometimes they aren’t very keen on doing the activities or don’t do them how you expect. Rose was in a very keen mood and we both loved her finished cards. Charlotte spent the time doing her magazine. She did decorate an egg, with lots and lots of glue. The good thing about having twins is that the chances are one of them will like doing an activity.

Disclaimer: This post is part of the Bokik Bloggers Club. We were sent some craft materials so we could take part. 

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