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Dream Big – Disney on Ice at Birmingham Arena

Moana at Disney on Ice Dream Big

Every time we go to see Disney on Ice we say it is the best yet. I think Disney on Ice Dream Big is actually the ultimate Disney on Ice show and our favourite so far. It has everything you expect in a Disney on Ice show, excited children, flashing lights, amazing costumes, glitter and sequins, wonderful songs, romance, dancing, lovable characters and a whole lot of Disney magic and all performed on ice. What makes this show stand out is the fact it squeezes in so many familiar scenes from the films.

 Disney on Ice Dream Big

We love watching the audience turn up in their costumes. Deciding what to wear is half the fun. Rose enjoyed dressing as Minnie Mouse for this show.

Minnie and Mickey at Disney on Ice Dream Big

The theme of this show is Dream Big, Minnie and Mickey act as the narrators, linking the stories together and explaining how all the characters fulfill their dreams.

Fit to Dance Disney on Ice Dream Big

Make sure you turn up early for the warm-up show Fit to Dance which was a high energy dance number which got everyone up off their seats and joining in before the show had even begun. You can find out more about the Fit to Dance program here.

Aladdin and Abu at Disney on Ice Dream Big

We loved the opening scene of the show, a thrilling scene from the Agrabah market. Charlotte loved Aladdin’s monkey.  Aladdin’s escape from the guards was really exciting and funny and the ice skating tricks were breathtaking. Aladdin spins around and jumps off tall buildings hanging off a rope. It was a wonderful start.

Cinderella at Disney on Ice Dream Big
Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast Disney on Ice Dream Big

Dream Big has so many amazing stories in it, a bit like a greatest hits of Disney. The stories don’t have equal weighting. Beauty and the Beast and Tangled are much shorter. We loved Belle dancing with Lumiere and the cutlery, it was so much fun. Also, I adore I See the Light, and it was the pairs dance was stunning, although I would have loved some lanterns to really recreate the scene. 

The section from Sleeping Beauty was a real surprise. Rather than focus on the princesses, it featured the prince fighting a fire-breathing dragon. The special effects were breathtaking.

The main reason we wanted to see Disney on Ice Dream Big was to see Moana. We loved the film, especially the songs and couldn’t wait to see it recreated on ice. It didn’t disappoint. The skater captured the joyful spirit of Moana and I found her dances really moving, especially when she dances with the spirit of her grandmother.

I wondered how larger than life Demi-God Maui would be portrayed and he looked amazing and captured the character perfectly. We loved this section so much and would have enjoyed seeing more of this story recreated. It would have been lovely to have seen an ensemble with the villagers and some special effects when they restore the stolen heart of Te Fiti.

After the interval, it was time for The Little Mermaid. Even if you have seen a Disney on Ice show before there is so much in this version which is surprising. The first scene after the interval featured lots of dancing sailors on board Prince Eric’s ship before the storm. The Little Mermaid is wonderful on ice, Under the Sea is joyous and the daughters of Triton enter down an ice ramp wonderfully.

Dream Big finishes with Frozen. You can’t get a better story to be told on ice as it is set on snow and ice. Olaf is adorable and an audience of children belting out Let it Go always warms my heart. The show ends with all the characters dancing together, Tinkerbell even gets to ride on in Cinderella’s carriage. It was a wonderful end to a magical show.

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