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Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie Review

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie

Since having the girls I look at TV a little differently. While I don’t mind them enjoying watching films about princesses and ballerinas and love the creativity and imagination it sparks I do want some strong female role models for them as well – to balance it out. there are very few especially in children’s TV. Which is the main reason I love the TV show Doc Mcstuffins with a girl who pretends to be a doctor to follow in the footsteps of her mum. Anything toy which encourages role play of something that is more than just looking pretty is good for me.

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie
Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie is a brilliant toy for this. It is encouraging girls to play at being a doctor and making the animal better.Lambie is a soft and cuddly plush toy with a friendly face and is the perfect size to be picked up and held by a young child. Although there is a battery in the body you can’t feel it and it really is great to cuddle.

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie

The toy comes in an attractive box but is easy to get out and there isn’t too much packaging.


It comes with its own syringe so you can pretend to make it better. Lambie doesn’t come with batteries but once you put some in she lights up and if you press her hand her tummy will glow. This is great for a night light as she is so cuddly.

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie

The other interactive part is that Lambie will cry to show that she was ill. The girls loved this and rushed around trying to make her better. I wasn’t so keen on the noise if I’m honest. You make Lambie better by putting the syringe on her heart badge on her back. This is a little strange because the girls are used to having an injection of calpol in their mouths or an injection from the doctor in the front of their legs. They soon got used to it and enjoyed the process of making the Lambie better.

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie

The Lambie costs around £24.99 and is suitable from ages 1+. This is a great toy if your little one loves cuddly animals and really encourages them to be caring.

Doc Mcstuffins doll

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Disclaimer: I was sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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