Doc McStuffins “Doc Is In” Clinic Review

We have reviewed a few Doc McStuffins toys before and I am always impressed with how they appeal to girls and present an aspirational career for women in a fun way. I was really keen to test the Doc McStuffins “Doc Is In” Clinic. The girls really love smaller toys which they can hold in their hand and they love having a building to put their toys in. This was perfect for them.

Doc McStuffins "Doc Is In" Clinic

The Doc McStuffins “Doc Is In” Clinic comes in a bright attractive box and it looks really exciting.

Doc McStuffins "Doc Is In" Clinic

The Clinic is suitable or ages 3+. It is solid and well built and seems like it will last a bit of bashing about. There are a couple of smaller parts so you would need to be careful with younger children. The main part of the toy is the two storey building – with a bedroom upstairs and a clinic downstairs. This is a great sized toy as two children can play with it really happily.

Doc Is In Clinic

It is a really bright and attractive toy which would look great in any bedroom. The twins really liked the little slide and the lift which takes the toys from floor to floor.

Doc Mcstuffins

The girls loved the Doc Mcstuffins doll (although they still insist on calling her McMc Stuffins) She is really cute with a miniature stethoscope and real plaits in her hair.

Doc Mcstuffins

The toy has a doctor’s couch which you place the Lambie and the Hammie Hippo on. this makes them talk which is a great feature. They say things like “It’s time for a big cuddle”  The little characters are very sweet and great for role play as they need to be made better.

Doc Mcstuffins

As well as the bed there are lots of other cute accessories too. The girls loved the mirror and all the princess dolls had to pay a visit to look at themselves.

Doc Mcstuffins


This is a really great toy and will give the children hours of fun. It is really quick to assemble and costs around £50 It is perfect for a little Doc McStuffins fan or for a child who is interested in becoming a doctor.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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