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Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment

Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

We couldn’t wait for Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment to come to Birmingham again. It is on at the Genting Arena until the 1st April and then continues the tour around the UK after that. This is a brilliant family treat, everyone will enjoy. It would be an excellent show to take children to as their first theatre trip as it is so much fun.

We were really lucky to get invited to the Meet and Greet before the show. The girls love Mickey Mouse, especially Charlotte, she insisted on bringing her favourite Mickey Mouse toy with her. Mickey was very excited to see him! Mickey was dressed as a racing car driver as one of the main stories in the show is Cars.

If you’ve never been to a Disney on Ice show before then the main requirement is you dress up in full costume. Half the fun is seeing how many Elsas and Annas you can spot. Rose went as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Charlotte, was Balloo from the Jungle Book. Just to be different. Make sure you get to your seats on time as there is a Fit to Dance pre-show. This really got the audience up and moving. The girls especially loved it because it had a cheerleading theme.

We have seen a few different versions of Disney on Ice and I think this is the best one yet! It is definitely the best if you are taking a mix of boys and girls to see the show as there is something for everyone. The show starts with Toy Story. This is one of our favourite films and it is amazing to see how it has been brought to life on the ice. The costumes are simply incredible, they look like real toys but giant. There is even a giant Lotso hugging bear. Our favourite parts of the film are included, Buzz in Spanish mode and Ken showing off all his favourite looks in the Dream House. We also loved the opening number with all the green army soldiers dancing.

Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment features shorter versions of The Little Mermaid and Cars. The Little Mermaid works so well on ice as the characters swim under the sea. The costumes billowing as they whizz around the ice looks just like they are underwater. All around us, there were lots of children who were so excited to see Cars brought to life. It is incredible to see the Cars from the movie zooming around on the ice as though they don’t have anyone driving.

Of course, most of the children are there for the final story in the show frozen. It is the perfect story to be given the Disney on Ice treatment. There are gasps and whoops from the audience as each familiar character arrives. olaf gets the biggest round of applause of course. This version features pretty much the whole plot and is perfect for fans of the show. You can sing your heart out along with Elsa to Let it Go and gasp when Hans turns out to be a baddie. The snow falling is just perfect.

There are a few things to note before going. It costs £10 to park at the Genting Arena NEC and is an 8 minute walk. You can catch one of the free buses which take you right up to the entrance. They only had two buses on after the show, which meant the queues were really long. This was a shame as younger children will be really tired after the performance and would not want to walk or wait for a bus. Alos it is worth getting your children to save their pocket money for treats. Popcorn costs £8 and Candy Floss £10. These dop have a cute Disney character hat so it’s pretty much guarenteed they will want one!

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