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Disney Magical Bedtimes Review

Do you have trouble getting your little ones to go to sleep? The light evenings make it a bit of a nightmare and my twins have been impossible recently as they keep each other awake messing about. A call from one of their favourite Disney characters really helps. Luckily Disney have set up a fun service where you can receive a recorded message for just the cost of a text. You can choose Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or Cinderella.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 20.55.03 All you have to do is text 780000 and type in the name of the character you want to call.  Then you’ll immediately receive the recorded call message from them. It is a free service, but texts are charged at your normal standard rate.

You couldn’t get three better characters for my girls. The twins love Minnie and Mickey and are really into princesses too. The service is quick to use. You get the message back straight away and the voices are instantly recognisable. One of the twins was really ill last week and was struggling to go to sleep and it cheered her up so much.  It worked as a great incentive as I could play another message the next night if she was good going to sleep and she did go straight up after that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 20.57.28

If you are having trouble getting your little ones to sleep then Disney have launched a special bedtime website to help us during this stressful time. Here is some of the research they have found:

·       Bedtime revealed as the time of day parents find the most challenging with over 60% saying their children make up excuses to delay going to bed

·       The average parent spends the equivalent of eight whole days a year negotiating with their kids to go to sleep, with one in ten haggling for over two weeks

·       Nearly a fifth of parents say putting their children to bed is a demanding as a whole day at work

·       52 per cent find it hard to get their children back into a good bedtime routine after the summer holidaysScreen Shot 2014-09-07 at 20.58.36

To receive a Disney Magical Bedtime call text your chosen character name below to 78000:

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