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Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Review

Disney on Ice

The girls were so excited when on the way to see Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy at the NEC Birmingham. The show features on of their all time favourites Tinkerbell. I took Molly to see it when she was about three and we loved it, but I made a school boy error of having a drink before the show and so we had to do a trip to the ladies right in the middle of Tinkerbell so we missed her favourite bit.

Going to Disney on Ice

The show also includes Disney favourites: Cars, The Little Mermaid and Toy Story which takes up the whole second part. This show has a great variety and is not quite as girly as Dare To Dream so is a good one to take children to who aren’t so keen on princesses. The ice skating is really amazing. There are so many tricks and spins and there is so much going on that you would see something different at every show. The costumes are colourful and look just like the well loved characters.

Disney on Ice Ariel

The Little Mermaid was really wonderful. The combination of ice skating and under water creatures was enchanting. I really loved the start where all the fish and sea creatures come on. We were a little nervous that the girls would be scared of Ursula as they get really nervous during the film when she comes on. She skated out and headed directly towards us but luckily the girls were so fascinated they forgot to be scared.

Disney on Ice Tinkerbell

The favourite part of Disney on Ice for us was Tinkerbell. Queen Clarion’s costume is stunning. It lights up as she flies onto the ice. The girls loved how each of their favourite fairies were introduced and the skaters captured the different personalities of the fairies perfectly. There was a lot of fairy dust and the butterflies flew over our heads which was really exciting.

v Wolds of Fantasy Lotso

The interval is probably the scariest part for parents. There is a lot of merchandise on sale and if you stay in the area then it is hard to avoid buying it, especially when you have three year olds. The drinks are £8-£11 and although you get to keep the cups they come in this is a bit out of our budget. The candy floss was £8 and you got a hat with it, there were Tinkerbell flower hats or Cars. There are other drinks and snack options available which are more budget friendly.

v Wolds of Fantasy drinks

The whole of the second part of Disney on Ice is devoted to Toy Story 3. This is another of our favourite children’s films. Molly has always loved Lotso. She won’t have it that he is a baddy. She loved the giant Lotso and wanted to give him a big cuddle. The story has been adapted really well so it can be performed on ice. I love the dances with the toy soldiers who all look so realistic.

Disney on Ice Toy Story

The show is long but is so exciting and colourful that little ones love it. I did have to take one of the twins out for some of the second half but that was more because we had such a busy day before hand and was already shattered. Her twin sister and big sister loved every second.

v Wolds of Fantasy

This really is a magical show. It is great for taking a family with mixed ages as there is something for everyone. Perfect family entertainment.

Disney on Ice

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Disclaimer: We were sent tickets for the purposes of this review

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