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Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe

Frozen birthday cakes

There was only one choice for birthday cakes for the twins this year: they had to be Frozen! Like most of the world, Frozen has taken over the house. A car journey is not complete without a rendition of “Let it go!” I’ve seen lots of great Disney Frozen birthday cakes recipes and have been pinning them to my Disney Frozen Party Pinterest board. However, they all seem to have been professionally iced.

I am in no way a professional and only bake cakes for birthdays and Christmas. But I had to find a way to make these cakes as easily as possible. I think this is totally a cake you can make at home – the fact the dolls are in the middle makes them look amazing even if you aren’t that great at icing (don’t look too closely at the row of flowers on Anna’s dress! ahem…

How to make Disney Frozen birthday cakes at home - great if you want a simple method but still want the cakes to look stunning.
The finished cakes don’t look too bad

I found this great cake recipe at Debbie Brown Cakes which has a recipe for a cake which is moist but fairly dense. So it’s ideal for holding its shape when you’re carving it.

Frozen birthday cakes

Ingredients To Make Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes

(makes two barbie doll sized cakes)

Cake Base

  • 24 oz butter
  • 24 oz of sugar
  • 12 eggs
  • 28 oz of self raising flour
  • 2 tsp of vanilla essence


  • Ready made icing: light blue, dark blue
  • Piping icing: pink, white, thin green
  • Green sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, silver balls

Oh and you’ll need some willing doll’s to model the cake bases!

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake bases
Disney Frozen Birthday Cake bases

How To Make The Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes

I used 4 pudding basins to bake the cakes. This makes a round cake which is perfect dress shape. I stacked the two cakes on top of each other and then carved the top one with a sharp knife so that it is the same size.

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe cut outs

Then I carved a barbie sized hole in the centre of both cakes and stuck them together with some icing.

Elsa cake Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe
Dress fitting!

I used ready made icing and rolled it flat to form the dresses. I rolled glitter, silver balls and snowflake sprinkles into the light blue icing for Elsa’s dress. This created a really lovely effect and I wish I had done it for Anna’s dress too.

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe - dress detail
Adding the details

Putting the icing onto the cake is quite hard but it doesn’t have to be really flat as the folds look more like fabric. If you had two people to hold each side then it would be a bit easier.

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe dress decoration
Dress decorating was tricky but fun!

I kept the decoration really simple and used a bit of icing and some sprinkles to copy the dresses from the movie. As you can see from the close up the icing is a bit wonky but the over all effect looks fine. Then I put some icing flowers on the top of the dress to hide the join.

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe Elsa birthday cake detail

Here are the finished cakes:

Elsa Birthday Cake

Elsa Birthday Cake recipe
Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

Anna Birthday Cake

Anna Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe
Anna Frozen Birthday Cake

Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes: Elsa and Anna

Anna and Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake Recipe
Anna and Elsa Frozen Birthday Cakes

The cakes are perfect for twins as they get one each. I staged it by adding a few Frozen toys and lots of gems and snowflake sprinkles with a blue fabric background and some Christmas decorations strung up.

Disney Frozen birthday cakes
Olaf joins Anna and Elsa!

The twins were so excited when they saw it. Their reaction was worth the effort.

The look on their faces is priceless!

Now I just need to make an Olaf cake for the soon-to-be 7 year old. Any ideas?

twin birthday cakes
Too good to eat?

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