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Designing a Forest Wonderland Bedroom for Your Child

Designing a Forest Wonderland Bedroom for Your Child

The first place a child’s imagination is nurtured is their bedroom. It’s the first room they learn to explore, and it comes with unlimited opportunities to teach your child creativity and self-expression. Designing a forest wonderland bedroom for your child will encourage them to love nature, animals, and spending time in imaginative play.

Tree Feature

If you know someone who works with wood, ask them to help you design a feature décor item for your room. You can design a bookshelf, a playhouse, or even a bed canopy that looks like a tree is really growing in your child’s room. Use a combination of wall illustrations and fake plants to create the feeling that the room is a clearing in a dense forest.

Toadstool Ottoman

Toadstools are all the rage in cottagecore design, which makes it very easy to find cute mushroom-shaped décor for your kid’s room or nursery. Not only is reupholstering an ottoman an easy DIY project, but it creates valuable storage for toys and blankets.

Fairy Lights

When designing a child’s forest wonderland bedroom, fairy lights are key to putting the wonder in wonderland. If you want to make your child’s room look like a magical paradise, fairy lights will add the right ambiance. Hang them from the branches of your tree feature or line the ceiling of the room in a curtain of lights.

Whimsical Rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way to change the look of a room without altering the flooring. You can find rugs that look like tree stumps, magical ponds, gardens, and even mushrooms. Bonus points if they’re machine washable!

Wall Decoration

Color stimulation is important for child development, so get creative with the walls of your child’s bedroom. Try a botanical wallpaper, or, if you’re an artist, paint your own mural on the walls. For an easier but no less gorgeous result, create an ombre effect with sunset-colored paints.

Stuffed Animals

Your child shouldn’t be alone in their magical wonderland. Give them some friends in the form of stuffed animals—especially of the woodland type—such as foxes, squirrels, rabbits, bears, otters, and the like.

Whether you’re designing for an infant or a young child, it matters how you decorate their space. As they grow up, their room will play an important role in how they see the world and use their imagination. You can encourage more creativity by using a bedroom theme your child is sure to love. If your child is old enough, don’t forget to get their input, too!

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