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Design a Pig

pig pictures by 2 year olds

Are you looking for something fun and creative to do over the weekend? This might be just what you are looking for.

Clay pig

To take part we were sent a bumper set of craft materials in a really fantastic piggy bag. The girls couldn’t wait to get hold of them and had so much fun making pigs.

The twins are two so I cut out some shapes using felt and let them stick them on.

piggy design

They loved using the stick on eyes and the  buttons and jewels. Well to be fair Charlotte did. She actually ended up doing most of both the pictures. Rose was grumpy because she wanted to play dress-up upstairs. Typical twins – both wanting to do different things at opposite ends of the house!

piggy painting

Here are their finished pictures. Of course I can’t say they designed them themselves as they needed a lot of help from me, but they certainly had fun making them.

pig pictures by 2 year olds

In the pack was a large pack of air drying clay. This seemed to be the perfect thing to make the pigs out. We have had a go with air drying clay but it is tricky to use. I helped a bit by telling Molly what to do with the clay but let her do it herself. the only part which did need me to help was sticking the bits of clay together as I needed to hold it.

Clay pig

Molly made two balls one bigger and one smaller. A circle for the nose, triangle ears and cylinders for legs. She used a pipe cleaner for the curly tail and decorated it with shiny pink paint and sticky eyes.

Clay pig

We finished with a coin to make him look like a money box!

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