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Decorating your home for fall

Fall is slowly approaching with back to school outfits, cooler temperatures and all the excitement of decorating1 Most people choose to decorate their front porch for a new season but it’s important to also note your backyard can be as festive too! Most of these easy updating and decorating ideas may not cost you more than a few dollars while others may be a bit more tricky. From ways to make homemade cozy blankets, to adding season touches such as mums or pumpkins to display, I’m sure you’ll find a few easy and fun tips to help spruce your backyard patio for this festive season. 

  1. Add Some Bold Color – One fun thing for fall is adding some bold colors to your back porch. Some ideas could be to add some fun bold pillows to your patio chair or bench/seating area. If you’re into a certain team color for football, you can also add these touches to your seating area too. Bring some team spirit to your backyard by even adding a mascot or a flag of your choice. If you have any planters with flowers, add some color to them by bringing in black white or orange and add various heights of decor around them for dimension. 
  2. Decorate with Hay Bails – Nothing says fall like hay bales! I love alternating a few bigger bunches of hay with smaller ones around the patio area. I then added some red apples, pumpkins around the bails of hay. They also make fun areas to sit on if they are big enough for your guests to enjoy. 
  3. Creating A Tablescape – Not only is it fun to add some bold color to your outdoor area, but creating a fun tablescape is also just as entertaining. If you have a small table in the center of your chairs add some fun decor to it. This can be simple, such as working with fall colors with yellows, oranges and reds or just adding some pieces such as pumpkins or fall leaves. 
  4. Mix Patterns – It’s really fun to mix and match patterns during this time of year. Classic orange and white and black pumpkins plus moms are always a fun approaching and so cute for fall no matter what color scheme you are trying to incorporate. Mixing fun cool-toned colors are key so try navy with white, black and hints of yellow could be a fun thing to try too. 
  5. Snuggle Session – While it’s fun to mix patterns and colors, it’s also a great time to add some snuggly and cozy items to your patio as well. Think of soft cream colors with a few plaid pillows, a buffalo check blanket and a textured sheepskin pillow to give your guests a family members a cozy place to enjoy your outdoor space and cuddle up together. 
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Another important idea is keeping your septic tank which can be an eye sore to some. While septic systems can help your wallet and are great for the environment, they aren’t ideal for lawn decoration. Thankfully there are pretty easy to cover up so they can look seamless in your yard. If you aren’t sure where your system is located, it’s best to call your technician to understand the lay of the land before you begin decorating. Scorpion Septic is an Atlanta based company that not only helps you understand your do’s and don’ts of your tank, but also how to maintain them properly year after year. This Marietta septic pump business has years of experience, can assist in questions and concerns and how to best navigate this new concept. One idea is to plant a few trees to conceal the lid from view. You can even find a light bird bath and decorate it with pumpkins underneath to blend into the grass area. 

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Now that you’ve read a few easy tips to decorate your backyard patio for fall, what are some other ideas I haven’t touched based on? Adding some ladders with blankets for guests to grab when they go outside? What about some lanterns to give some mood lighting after the sun goes down. Share in the comments below what are ways you’re going to spruce up your backyard for this upcoming season.

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