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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Things have changed since the last letter I wrote to you. Last time we spoke I wanted roller skates, a couple of Care Bears and a sparkly dress with a bow in the front. Thanks for those by the way. This year what I’d most like to have under my tree is a kitchen which actually works.

Having three young children means I have so little time keeping the house straight or rather I spend all my time keeping the house straight but it is like battling against a rising tide. I never get round to cleaning the oven or defrosting the freezer. Ok I can’t lie to you Santa I never did those things before I had children – but at least I had the money to replace it when it went wrong. Now everything in our kitchen half works. The washing machine is fine but the tumble drier doesn’t work. The fridge freezer makes worrying noises if you go near it like a wounded animal. There floors are wonky and the cooker only lights after the third attempt. So these are the appliances which are top of my list this year.

1. I am actually at the point where I think it would be easier to buy a new hob rather than clean it properly. I try my best but after a bad accident using Mr Muscle on the ceramic top it will never look good.

2. We have lots of things in our kitchen which look good but don’t actually work. I would love a cooker hood that actually did something other than just gather dust.

3. It’s been over 6 months since the dish washer has worked. i have got used to not having one again and it seems like a luxury item. It was essential when the twins were little for all the bottles but I can live without it. I think.

4. It’s not bad having no tumble drier in the Summer but in Winter it is a pain. I know there are more serious problems in the world but a working tumble drier would be lovely – and I think it would mean less ironing as well, which has to be a good thing!

5. The poor fridge freezer really needs to be put out of its misery. We’ve had it for about ten years and it was a hand me down then. To be honest I’m amazed the old gal has lasted this long. I guess it’s better to wait until it actually stops working but you know I’ve been a good girl this year and a new fridge freezer would be such a lovely surprise.

Santa letters

Of course I’m not being greedy. I don’t expect all of these things (I’m still waiting for that month of lie ins I asked for last year). If this list proves too much for poor Rudolph then perhaps you can get me the next best thing. A voucher for a maid service?

Yours Festively


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