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Cupcake Shrinking Craft Review

I remember having using shrinking kits when I was a child. they were so cute and fun so I was delighted to try this loving Cupcake shrinking craft with Molly. The Cupcakes Shrinking craft costs under ten pounds and was great value for money. It’s a mess free craft activity which produces good results which children will be really pleased with.

Cupcake shrinking craft

The pack provides everything you need to make twenty cupcakes as well as easy to follow instructions. The cupcakes are really easy to make. You just need to colour in the cupcake images using crayons. There are four provided but you can use your own ones too to add more colours.

Cupcake shrinking craft

Once they are coloured in you just put them onto a baking sheet and put them in the oven for a few seconds. It’s really very quick. They need to cool for a while and we put them under a heavy book.

Cupcake shrinking craft

The cupcakes shrink to less than half the original size. They are really cute when finished. The colours also get much brighter.

Cupcake shrinking craft

The set comes with a sweet cupcake display. You need to attach the rings and then hang them up. It was a bit fiddly attaching the rings and I needed to do that part. When they are finished they make lovely key rings, or charms for bracelets.


We added one to our teacher thank you cards at the end of the school year and they made a really nice finishing touch ties with a little fragment of ribbon.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Cupcakes Shrinking Craft for the purposes of this review. 

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