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Cupcake Liner Cards

Homemade Sweet card

Cards are a great craft for kids to make. They are usually quick and relatively mess free. They are often cheaper than buying a card. This is a great card idea which will only take a few minutes – so perfect for a last minute card if you have forgotten to buy one.

Cupcake Liner Cards

We had lots of spare cupcake cases in lots of different colours. We thought they would look good as sweetie wrappers. We also used, card and pretty paper, glue and pens.

Cupcake Liner Cards for men

All you have to do is cut the cupcake liners into a sweet wrapper shape and then stick them onto the card.

craft for 7 year olds

It looks best if you choose card and paper in matching colours.

homemade card

Then write a message on the front. Something about being sweet works well. The girls liked “Have a sweet birthday”.

Sweet Sixteen card

This also works well for a Sweet 16 card.

Sweet Sixteen birthday card

Homemade birthday cards using cupcake liners

Homemade birthday cards using cupcake liners

These would be good for Mother’s day or just a card sent through the post.

Sweet homemade birthday card

Sweet homemade birthday card

crafting with cupcake liners

This is a brilliant project for an older child. A 7-year-old would be able to do it on their own without any help.

Homemade Sweet 16 card

Homemade Sweet 16 card

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