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Creating a stylish Christmas table on a budget

Simple and stylish Chistmas table
modern christmas tree

I’m so excited to be in my new house for Christmas this year. It’s the first time we will host Christmas dinner and we have bought a new table to have it on. I wanted to decorate the table so it looked pretty and stylish but still a bit fun. The place I always head to for home bargains is Homesense. There are so many unusual products which you can’t get anywhere else. 

As soon as you enter the shop, you are greeted with full on Christmas. I love the huge Christmas trees decorated with giant stars. There are lots of really fun over things. How amazing is this giant sequined reindeer? I’d love this to meet guests in the hall.

sequined reindeer

Sadly, I didn’t buy the reindeer but I did get lots fo pretty things to make our Christmas table look really lovely.

Simple and stylish Chistmas table

The main thing I wanted was some table mats and runners. The girls are much less messy now they are over 6 but there are still lots of spills and I want to keep the table looking good and protect it at the same time. I bought a long silver table runner and padded silver mats. I thought these would work well for other occasions too.

Christmas table settings

I wanted the centrepiece for the table to be really fun so bought these lovely snow globes with winter scenes inside. They are so pretty and one even plays music.

Christmas snow globes

I love candles, but with young children hesitate to use them in case they are knocked over. These lovely storm latterns are really solid and look lovely with a snowflake design inside and leather handles.

Christmas storm lantern

I think the table looks so pretty and stylish. I can’t wait to eat Christmas dinner.

lovely christmas table

The best thing is the prices. Each item cost under ten pounds so you can easy achieve a luxurious look for less.

Christmas table

We will be using these items for many years.

Simple and stylish Chistmas table

Find your nearest Homesense here.

Disclaimer: We were given a Homesense voucher for the purposes of this review.

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