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Create Your Own Happy Book Review

I’m so excited about the publication of Create Your Own Happy by Becky Goddard Hill and Penny Alexander. Ever since they told me about it, I thought it was a brilliant idea, and just what kids need right now. Children are bombarded with all the things they should be doing, and miss the one thing which is actually important: being happy. 

This is a brilliant book, easy to read, in bite-sized chunks, with a friendly unpatronizing tone, perfectly suited to the age group. It is a lovely mix of facts about how to be happy, and easy and fun activities to improve your happiness.  The research underpinning the ideas in this books is presented with a light touch. I particularly love the inspiring quotes throughout the book, which tie in beautifully with the subject and make you think.

Create Your Own Happy Book

The book is definitely something you can dip into during quiet moments or if you are feeling sad, but would. The activities are simple and easy to follow and only require materials you will already own. The book encourages a reflection of what makes you happy. I love the emphasis on kindness and caring for other people and the environment which runs throughout the book.

The gorgeous illustrations by Clare Forrest are fun and colourful and really match the style and subject of the writing, just looking at it makes me happy! This would be a lovely present for a primary school child and would also be perfect on the bookshelves at school. I’ll definitely be buying a few copies for my school to use.  Create Your Own Happy costs £9.99 and is available now for pre order:

Join me to on the Create Your Own Happy book tour on Thursday the 6th September! You can see how we got on with one of the activities from the book, Make Your Own Happy Jar. Follow along with the book tour to check out more activities from the book.

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