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Create Beautiful Personalised Fridge Magnets With These 5 Photo Apps


There’s no doubt that the smartphone has revolutionised casual photography. Having a camera with you virtually 24/7 means that it’s easier than ever to take photos. But because of the ease of taking photos many get forgotten about and languish on your phone. A great way to preserve your pictures is to turn them into personalised fridge magnets and have them on display all day.

And because the cameras built into phones have advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few years the pictures are no longer grainy, low quality snaps only suitable for storing on the computer. But if you want your personalised fridge magnets to look truly beautiful your pictures may need a little TLC first. Fortunately there are plenty of apps on the market that can help you pretty up your snaps with just a few swipes.


If you want maximum control over your phone’s camera then this app is for you. Camera+ opens up DSLR levels of control including focus and exposure plus a whole lot more. There are also editing tools which mean that you can tidy up your pictures quickly and easily ensuring your personalised fridge magnets look stunning.

Camera FV-5

Much like Camera+, this app unlocks the power of your phone’s camera giving you unparalleled control over your pictures. However it is reliant on your phone’s hardware, which means some features may not work on certain handsets, and it’s also Android only. Nonetheless, your personalised fridge magnets will look absolutely incredible if you take them with Camera FV-5.

Pixlr Express

Primarily an editing app, you can take photos directly in Pixlr but its true strength is in tweaking and improving your pictures before you turn them into personalised fridge magnets. The editing features are a step beyond the usual basic options and even if you don’t want to spend to long fussing it’s easy to make pictures look their best by using the autofix setting


Just want to give your photos a quick spruce up before creating your personalised fridge magnets? Download Snapseed. Although there’s nothing outright amazing about Snapseed’s features it is by far one of the slickest and simplest photo editing apps out there which is why it makes this list.


Whichever photos you’ll use for your personalised fridge magnets a great way to make them look really unique is to apply a filter to them. VSCO Cam has some of the best filters on the market. New filters are released all the time and you will need to buy the paid version to get them, but the free version has some great options and you’ll soon want to upgrade.

So before you turn your photos into personalised fridge magnets to treasure forever run your pictures through one of these apps to get the best results.

If you want to turn your photos into beautiful personalised fridge magnets visit PicStick today. Upload photos straight from your phone with a few simple taps and have them delivered to your door.

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