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Cool Maker Sew n’ Style Children’s Sewing Machine

We recently reviewed a children’s sewing machine and the twins were really interested and keen to have a try but found it much too complex as they are only 7 years old. I was really pleased when we were sent a Sew n’ Style Children’s Sewing Machine to review. Finally, a machine children can use safely. 

The machine looks really cool and stylish. I love the colour scheme of turquoise and pink. It is also really small and compact so great for not taking up too much space.

The Sew n’ Style machine comes with everything you need to make some really fun projects straight away. The best thing for me is that it is really quick to set up. The instructions are really easy to follow.

You get:

  • Templates
  • Unicorn and butterfly pre-cut projects
  • Toy stuffing
  • Three embellishments (rabbit, flower & butterfly)
  • Fabric (x3)
  • Style string
  • Ribbon
  • Pom pom maker
  • Elastic (to make a hair scrunchie)

NB Batteries are not included. You will need to purchase these as the machine is battery operated. It needs 4 AA batteries.

The designs are perfect for young children. The twins loved the butterfly and unicorn plush. You just need to cut out the fabric and then guide the machine around the shape. The twins were able to use the sewing machine themselves with just a little guidance which gave them lots of confidence and satisfaction. You can buy extra projects when you have finished the ones which come in the set. You can also make scrunchies, little bags and pom poms.

We found this sewing machine to be a fantastic first machine. It is a brilliant price, costing only £23.99 – it would be a fantastic present for a child wanting to start sewing.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the machine for the purposes of this review.

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