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Common Household Products You Can Use for Cleaning

Common Household Products You Can Use for Cleaning

Store-bought cleaning agents work great, but you have a plethora of common household items that work just as great or even better in some instances. Using household products for cleaning will save you time and money, and your home will look just as clean. Use the following products to clean clothes, appliances, drains, furniture, and more.

Distilled Vinegar

Distilled vinegar is one of the most popular household cleaning products because it does a great job alone or mixed in a solution with other products found in the home. If you have a lot of soap scum in your bathroom that will not go away, consider trying a vinegar solution, and you’ll soon watch the stains vanish. Vinegar is also a powerful agent in keeping your septic tank healthy without eliminating the natural bacteria needed to preserve your waste management system.

Whole Lemons

Lemon juice has an acidity level that works wonders in breaking down grime and grease—however, did you know that you can use the whole lemon to clean and not just the juice? The skin has oil that works great for breaking down hard grease spots. The best part of using whole lemons is throwing them down the garbage disposal after cleaning to further their purpose.

Dish Soap

Stop making cleaning mistakes by thinking you need to find an expensive soap to remove stains from clothes or upholstery. Your dish soap will work great in cleaning oil-based products off the fabric. Dilute the soap with water to help the solution lift the stains and to clean other household items like windows, counters, and appliances.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works as a mild bleach, but do not be afraid to use this product. This solution can remove tough stains like chocolate, grass, blood, and wine. Combine it with dish soap in a solution with two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dish soap to work as a spot remover on the go. When you accidentally spill food or liquids on your clothes, simply apply some of the solution.

Baking Soda

This last common household product, baking soda, can be used to clean stains in your oven, fridge, or microwave. When you mix this with vinegar, it can act as a superior drain cleaner that quickly dissolves dirt. You can also place an open box of baking soda in your fridge to help absorb lingering unpleasant odors.

In some cases, using natural products and household items is better than buying cleaning agents from the store. If you’re in a hurry, consider your options; sometimes, the quickest way to remove a stain is by using what you have on hand. Have you tried these products as cleaners before?

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