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Colour Theory Slime

colour theory slime

My girls are still so obsessed with slime. It’s a craze which has lasted forever. I find pots of it everywhere. I haven’t written a post about slime because it’s so blooming annoying as it gets EVERYWHERE! It clearly satisfies a sensory need in the children though. I thought it would be a great material for experimenting with colour theory. My children love painting and art but always ask which colours to use to mix others. I thought they might actually remember if we used slime. colour theory slime

We always make contact lens solution slime as it doesn’t use borax, something which is hard to get in the UK.

  • PVA glue
  • contact lens solution
  • bicarbonate of soda
  • primary colour food colouring
  • paint palette

The girls don’t follow a recipe anymore. They pour out some PVA glue and add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Then they add a few drops of food colouring. After that, they simply squirt in contact lens solution until the mixture is less sticky and resembles slime.

color theory slime

The girls made three batches of slime in primary colours. They worked hard to get the colours as pure as possible.

colour theory slime

After that, they took two primary colours and mixed them together. They had to predict what colour it would make. They made two separate colours from each combination. One with a little yellow and a lot of blue and the next with a lot of blue and a little yellow to see what happened.

colour theory slime

The mixing part of the process was really fun and it was interesting to see what the final colours were. It definitely helped them remember what primary colours to use to mix secondary colours.

colour theory

The final colour palette looked really pretty. We ended up with two of each secondary colour as well as a turquoise because of the shape of our palette.

colour theory slime

The girls decided to store the slime separately and mix it together to form a slime soup. 

We left the rest of the slime out for a day by mistake and it went so strange. It was like bendy bricks.

This would be a lovely project for a unit on colour theory. It is a different way to learn about how to mix colours and matches with children’s interest in slime.

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