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CLC World promotional holidays

Vacationing Around the World!

Taking a well-deserved, relaxing get-away isn’t always easy with the family in tow.  Coordinating the time off work, taking the kids out of school or timing it so they’re on break as to not miss any school days, as well as getting a pet sitter (if your family has furry children in addition to the human children), and pile all that on top of airfare, hotel stays, etc.  The thought of planning a vacation can be way more stressful than it should be.

So how can it be possible, financially and emotionally, to ship the whole family on vacation almost for free in a luxurious resort?  Where can one actually vacation in a beautiful, far-off land, for next to nothing?  It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.  The company offers non-members (more on membership later) CLC World promotional holidays.           

When hearing of a free promotional holiday, one can’t help but immediately associate it with absolute sham.  However, this CLC World isn’t a sham; it’s the real deal.  Hundreds of living and breathing human testimonials can attest to the validity of these claims.

CLC World has become a global company, with luxurious, world-class resorts sprinkled throughout Europe and the United States.  The resorts are built along stunning Spanish coastlines, along with the tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea, or nestled in the quaint mountain sides of Austria (among a number of other beautiful destinations).

The resorts of CLC World offer a wide array of family-friendly activities- poolside fun, nightly entertainment, games for kids of all ages, a teen’s club, and child care.  As for the adults, the range of activities is just as extravagant: fine dining, excellent drinks, soothing hot tubs and spas, the list goes on.  

In order to attract investors or members as they’re called, CLC World offers newcomers a promotional holiday.  All that’s requested of its visitors is a “nominal booking fee” which varies from place to place and four hours of their time.  The expense of 7 night’s worth of stay is covered by the resort.  A staff member of CLC World will essentially make a ‘sales pitch’, trying to persuade listeners to purchase a membership.  An annual membership, and of course there are varying memberships all ranging drastically in price, will allow its members access to their resorts worldwide.  CLC World is a vacation timeshare.

Knowing this upfront will allow its visitors to make the decision for themselves if it is worth the investment or not.  All the information about what is expected of visitors is displayed upfront on the CLC World company’s website, as well as detailed explicitly by hundreds of individual testimonials.

In the past, promotional holidays may have been viewed with disdain, as being dishonest schemes to steal cash from innocent audiences.  It’s up to the vacationers to decide if they are willing to trade four hours of their time for a week stay at a top-notch, family friendly resort.

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