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Clay Cat Craft

Clay cat craft for kids

Cavendish Mascot Challenge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA love a challenge especially a craft one. So when Cavendish challenged us to design them a mascot using the savings we would make if we went with their life assurence I instantly said yes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 20.54.00

Sorting out life assurance is actually top of our to-do list. It’s so important when you have young children. I was impressed with how easy it was to get a quote from Cavendish and we made a saving of around £10 using exactly the same information.

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With £10 in my pocket, I knew exactly what craft supplies to buy. We had used clay a while ago, but the twins had found it a bit hard. Now they are nearly five I thought they would find it a bit easier. We bought a large bag of Das air drying clay in terracotta. I split it into four and gave the children the challenge to make a new mascot.



We decided that Cavendish sounds like the name of a cat.

They girls enjoyed moulding the clay and the colour was really lovely.

art for kids: creat a scuplture using air drying clay


Air drying clay is brilliant if you need a quick activity to keep the kids busy. They can use their imagination to make whatever they want and then all you have to do is to leave it to dry.


I like setting the girls a challenge as it spurs them on to do their best.


Molly (age 7) had a really clear idea of how to make her mascot. She decided to give her cat glasses to give him a sophisticated look. I think he is a bit sphinx-like.

Clay cat craft for kids
It can be a bit hard attaching different parts to your clay model. I fin it best if you make some little cuts on each part you want to attach as they seem to adhere together better.

Molly put a lot of little details into her figure, including little claws.


Charlotte (age 4) loved doing this. She enjoys making things from play dough and really this was just an extension. She gave her little cat a cute face with a nose and eyes made out of small pieces of clay.

Rose (age 4) was also really motivated by this task. She often finds it hard to make things, and sometimes give up really easily. She was really proud of her little cat and thought he was very cute.


We set up our cat mascots as a little art gallery.


Check Cavendish Online over on twitter and follow the #MakeAMascot hashtag to see all the other fabulous mascots.

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