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Christmas Tree Sun Catchers

Christmas tree sun catchers

We are on a bit of a roll with sun catchers this week. After making some lovely Christmas Tree Light Bulbs the twins were very keen to make some more. Well they really wanted an excuse to cut up tissue paper into tiny pieces which is their current favourite thing – next to spilling drinks on the floor and arguing whether light switches should be on or off.

Christmas tree sun catchers materials
Christmas tree sun catchers materials

This is a craft I remember making with a Year Two class a few years ago where they did everything including designing their own Christmas tree. We then sent them home as their Christmas cards. It was lovely to have a card which would transform into a decoration.

What You Will Need To Make The Christmas Tree Sun Catchers

  • green card
  • brown card
  • coloured tissue paper
  • hole punch
  • glue
Christmas tree sun catchers

These are brilliant for practicing fine motor skills. Of course it depends on your child’s skill level how much they do themselves. The twins are 3 and could manage cutting the tissue paper and did a little of the card. They struggled with the hole punching and needed help with that but could do all the glueing themselves.

Christmas tree sun catchers materials
Ready to start crafting

Rose loved this activity. She liked all the small pieces of paper – especially the pink ones.

Christmas tree sun catchers cutting out the tree
Cutting out the trees

I have a really great hole punch which is good for crafts. It just makes one hole so you can position it where you want. It does need a bit of help though especially positioning the holes so they are spread out.

Christmas tree sun catchers adding the windows
Adding the windows to the trees

Finally we just glued the back and then stuck the tissue paper over the holes so they look like twinkly lights. We added a brown square for the trunk of the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree sun catchers

They look good stuck on the window – a display of a few would look nice.

Christmas tree sun catchers
Christmas tree sun catchers

They actually glow better at night time although you can’t see the colour of the Christmas tree.

Beautiful Christmas tree sun catchers which can be used to decorate a window or as Christmas cards.

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