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Christmas Photo Crafts

Christmas Photo Crafts

This year I wanted to make some cards using photographs. We also spent the morning doing hand and footprints so it was a good opportunity to combine the two. I used one of my favourite pictures of Molly and we printed it out a few times to get the size right. We then stuck on a red nose and used her footprints for the antlers. She put on some Christmas stickers to make it into a card.

 As well as homemade cards I usually print off a digital image to send to friends and relations we don’t see very often. I like to use a photograph because then they can see how the girls have grown over the year. This was the photo we used last year. It’s still one of my favourites and hopefully we’ll get some snow so I can recreate it this year.


This year I’m going to use this picture of Molly as an angel which I edited using picnik on the outside of the cards. 

With a photo of the twins inside dressed as Christmas puddings. Well it has to be done, doesn’t it? 

christmas puddings

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