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Christmas Lights Art For Toddlers

Christmas Light bulb art

I have been wanting to make some Christmas light art with the girls for a couple of weeks now. I think strings of light bulbs look so lovely and are great for practicing patterning. I suddenly realised we could make a light bulb shape using a cardboard tube pinched at one end. It makes a great craft for young children.

Christmas Light Art For Toddlers
Getting the materials ready

You Will Need

  • Paint in Christmas colors, including a grey for the bulb base
  • Small paint brushes
  • Toilet rolls
  • Colored pens
  • Card or paper to paint on

I poured out three christmas colours to use but actually any would work as well. We printed the light bulbs in a line with a simple pattern which I encouraged the children to carry on.

Christmas Light Art For Toddlers starting to make the lights
Outlining the lights

The paint made bubbles on top of the cardboard tube.

Christmas Light Art For Toddlers the paint dabber
Toilet roll makes a great paint dabber

It doesn’t matter if you print them in a neat line or randomly, the effect is still lovely.

Christmas Light Art For Toddlers
Painting in action

We then filled in the outline with paint.

It was a fun activity and the girls found it fun to do
It was a fun activity and the girls found it fun to do

Again they do not have to be perfectly neat. painting in the lines is difficult.

Christmas Light bulb art

We used silver paint to stamp the top of the light bulbs. I used a rubber cube to do this but a potato print would work just as well.

Christmas Light bulb art
Christmas Light bulb art

Then we drew the light bulb string with black pen. It looked best if you connected the light bulbs with the line rather than drew across the top so it looks like they are threaded onto the wire.

Christmas Light bulb art Connecting the lights with a colored pen
Connecting the lights with a colored pen

Molly was really pleased with her finished picture. This is great for a 5-7 year old as they can produce something which turns out really well with little help.

Christmas Light bulb art
Very proud of her work

Molly’s finished picture. We are going to cut it up into smaller sections to become Christmas cards but actually I think it looks lovely like this or maybe with a pattern all across the paper for wrapping. .

Christmas Light bulb art

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Christmas art for kids - a fun and easy art project which can tranform into Christmas cards or wrapping paper. Make a sweet string on lights fusing a cardboard tube as a stamp.
light bulbs sun catcher

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