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Easy Preschool Christmas Cards

easy Christmas cards

Card making is my favourite craft activity with preschoolers. It can be a quick activity and if you plan carefully it is relatively mess free – although my twins can make a mess with any activity. Also one of the main problems with crafting is that it generates so much clutter you have to decide what to do with. The beauty of making a card is that you send it to a friend and relative and they get to keep it. Ha! I mean isn’t that lovely?!

easy Christmas cards

A Christmas tree is a really easy shape for preschool cards because you can give them a load of things and they can decorate it how they want. I found some pretty star shaped buttons which were perfect. The other supplies we used were pretty paper, card blanks and some felt cut into a very simple Christmas tree shape. Some Christmas words printed onto card are good because they add a message on the front.

card making kit

I then left this for the girls to make what they wanted. The shape is so straightforward they can get good results but still do things their way.

easy Christmas cards

Molly also enjoyed this activity. As she is 6 her results were a bit neater. Hers is at the front and Rose’s at the back.

easy Christmas cards

They were really pleased with the final card and keen to send it to their friends.

easy Christmas cards

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