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Christmas Around the World: Uganda

 “Webale Krismasi “

Happy Christmas in Ugandan!

Christmas Around the World: Uganda
Credit: The World Travelled

Christmas in Uganda is a time of being with family and having a special meal. Father Christmas is not really known but they do get carol singers. People wear their best clothes and children will often get new clothes. There are lots of Christmas markets. Gifts are not as important although food may be given, especially to people in need.

Decorations are important and the seasonal colours are red and green. There are Christmas trees and lots of colourful beads. We decided to try to make a beaded Christmas tree decoration.


Beaded Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas decoration

Take a piece of wire (we used florists wire) and bend into a tree shape. Leave a gap at the bottom for the beads.

Christmas decorations

Carefully thread the beads onto the wire. We put a star-shaped bead on the top and used green and orange beads for the tree and trunk. We used translucent beads as they look lovely in the light.

Christmas decorations

I quite liked the tree when it was just a simple outline. It looked lovely hung up on the window as it reflected the light.

Christmas decorations

To add a bit more detail we used a thinner piece of wire and threaded some smaller beads on to create the decorations on the tree. We used some more star-shaped beads for decoration but you wouldn’t need to do this.

Christmas decorations

The decoration looks lovely on the tree and would also make a lovely gift for someone. I think we will be making more of these!

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