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Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Review

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup

There are so many adverts for children’s products on TV which promise a lot and are a big disappointment. I was a bit sceptical the first time I saw the chill factor squeeze cup. I couldn’t believe a product which only cost £12.99 would be able to make a slushie drink using no batteries. However I was wrong.

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup

This is a really great little product. It looks like a normal drinks cup. If you leave it overnight in the freezer it will turn drinks to iced slushie when you squeeze it. Molly made a short video to show how it works. It is actually even faster than shown here as she was squeezing a bit gently.

The great thing is you can make any drink you want in it. Although as Molly helpfully points out in her video – not tea or coffee as they should be hot. The problem with the iced drinks you can buy is they are incredibly unhealthy. This works brilliantly with fruit juice and makes a really cooling and healthy drink.

Chill Factor Squeeze CupOf course the only slight problem is that you only get one in a pack. The girls were all very keen to try it. However I am so impressed that I will definitely be heading out to buy another couple.

Disclaimer: I was sent the product for the purposes of this review. 

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