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Your Child’s Art Phone Case


When my last phone case broke I spent a lot of time looking for a phone case. I loved the clear cases with designs on them but they didn’t seem very personal. I thought it would be amazing to have a phone case my daughter’s had designed for me. Then I would be carrying their art around me every day. It actually worked out way cheaper than buying an already designed case and I just love them so much. 

What you need:

  • Your mobile phone
  • iPhone Case
  • Posca Pen Multicolour 8 Pack PC-8K

That is really all you need! You can get different phone cases to match the make and model of your mobile. You could also use sharpies if you have them. The case needs to be transparent. It works better if it is smooth inside. Some have a raised pattern on the inside which makes it harder to draw on.


Then all you do is get the children to draw you a case. It works best if you draw on the inside of the case. When we tried drawing on the outside it rubs off very quickly.


My eldest designed me two cases, one for night and one for day.


The twins designed a case with their favourite animals on them.


The cases look really lovely and are so distinctive. You will never lose your phone and because the picture is unique no one will ever have the same case!


Once you have the pens it is really cheap to change and get a new case. You can win a set of Posca pens on my blog at the moment.


The girls are so proud that I have their art on my phone. The only problem now is choosing which to put on first!


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