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Childproofing the Backyard: Tips and Tricks

The winter months very likely saw your kids being cooped up inside for the most part. Even if the temperatures weren’t too cold, shorter days and inclement weather very likely cut any outside time short. Since your backyard probably hasn’t seen much attention since the warmer days of summer, it is nearly time to start prepping things for spring.

With the whole family anticipating the outdoor activities that will once again be possible with the arrival of spring, you want to make sure that your yard is as ready as it can be for your kids to enjoy. This includes taking any and all necessary safety measures. If you aren’t exactly sure how to childproof your backyard, here are a few tips to get you started.

Check the Fencing

It is incredibly important to make sure that the fencing around your property is in good condition, especially if you have an in-ground swimming pool. Younger children might be tempted to sneak through any breaks or holes in the fence that are big enough for them to climb through. You also don’t want any larger panels of fencing that might have become loose during the winter months to fall on anyone.  

As far as spring weather is concerned, some areas experience strong winds during this part of the year. Make sure that your fence panels are all securely in the ground to help prevent them from becoming loose in forceful winds.

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Treat for Bugs

When you know that your little ones will be spending a lot of time this spring running around the yard playing, you want to make sure that there are no bugs hiding about that can bite or sting them. Aside from the fact that such bites can be painful and uncomfortable, certain pests can be carriers of harmful illnesses that can infect you or your pets.

Firstly, ensure that your family pets are all up to date on preventative medications, as they can be the means by which bugs like fleas and ticks enter your backyard or home. Next, it is a good idea to have your backyard and the exterior of your house treated by a St George pest control service so that any existing infestation can be dealt with, and future ones can be prevented.

There are some plants that repel insects naturally, but it is also advised that you have your family apply bug spray when they are outside, particularly when the weather is warm and humid.

Remove Harmful Plants

Depending on where you live, your backyard might be serving as the perfect place for some nasty plants to grow. Contact with poison ivy or poison oak can result in incredibly painful rashes that can be difficult to treat. Other plants might be lovely to look at but could prove harmful if accidentally ingested by a child who doesn’t know any better. In order to avoid catastrophe, it is a good idea to simply have such plants removed.

Create a safe area to play 

Designate an area in the garden where they can play without worrying that they shouldn’t be touching anything they aren’t allowed to. Ideally, a grassy area is best suited as children can often find themselves with scrapes and bruises while playing. 

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