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Child safe websites

Child safe websites so children can have fun yet stay safe online

It’s natural for our children to want to do the things we do. They enjoy joining in with washing the dishes and mowing the lawn. One particular grown up thing that’s becoming popular with children is surfing the Internet. You obviously want your child to have the best possible chances in life. However, you need to keep in mind that the Internet isn’t the safest of places for a child. Therefore it can help to learn more about child friendly websites. One of the best child safe websites is Kidsguide. This gives you links to specific child search engines as well as educational and fun sites. The sites are geared towards children of all ages and they provide hours of enjoyment.

Ensuring your children use child safe websites:

Child safe websites so children can have fun yet stay safe online

If you’re looking to give your kids ideas on creative projects, Art Attack is a great website they can use. It provides instructions for all featured games and projects. Another useful site is Ask Kids. This is basically the child’s equivalent of the popular adult question site ‘’. It features video clips, games and online drawing opportunities too. The BBC offers its very own child friendly site known as ‘CBBC’. It’s mainly designed with older children in mind and the site is packed full of educational activities and fun games. There’s even a section that can help with their homework and a virtual world. This world is known as Club penguin and children can create their own penguin and interact with others. The great thing about this virtual world is the fact it’s free to take part in. However, there are some in-game purchases that can be made.

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Another popular children’s game site is Fungooms. This has a variety of humourous, colourful characters. The music in the game is very age-appropriate and there are plenty of mini games to be enjoyed too. This is a particularly good site for pre-school age children and they are guaranteed hours of educational fun.

Herotopia is another game site, which allows your children to get lost in a virtual world. The children are able to become their very own superhero. The goal is to create their own superhero and build up different super powers over time. They can travel around the world and have fun saving people from dangerous situations.

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Something a little different is the Junior Seed website. There are colourful pictures of flowers that your child can choose to grow. This online gardening game is fun and it teaches your child about the different plants available and what it takes to look after them. There are even tutorials which tell the child how they can collect seeds and sow the plants. They will learn more about the life cycle of flowers too.

NASA is one of the world’s most famous companies and it has launched it’s own kids club. This club gives children information on various space issues. It also features chats with some real experts from NASA. To keep them up to date with all of the latest news, Newsround is the site they should log into. It’s designed by the BBC and provides both national and international news. The stories are written especially with kids in mind and are different to adult news sites.

You might not be able to keep an eye on your children 24 hours a day. However, with you can make sure your children are safe online. Visit the site today to learn more about the online community, which provides insights into where the safest sites are on the web.

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