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Chatham Marine Shoes – Review

Chatham Marine shoes

There is one event which is guaranteed to fill my heart with dread and that is shoe shopping. I hate buying shoes for myself let alone for the kids. I don’t know why it has never occurred to me to do my shoe shopping online before now. After such a great experience with getting shoes from Chatham Marine I am definitely converted. No more waiting in line for hours only to have to leave it to take one of the girls to the toilet and lose our place in the queue. No more waiting for the shoes they have chosen only to find they have run out. Instead I am going to browse online in the comfort of my own home.

Chatham Marine shoes

Chatham Marine is a British company which has grown up with the weekend sailor as its customer base. I love the aesthetic of the brand and having grown up in towns by the sea, it makes me think of sailing trips and walks on the beach. The products are designed to withstand all weathers and anything the British seaside can throw at it.

The shoes from Chatham Marine are really stylish and a bit different from your usual shoes for children. They have a nautical feel to them. The shoes we picked were Skipper children’s deck shoes in a soft black leather. they are absolutely perfect for school. Hardwearing but comfortable.

Chatham Marine shoes

The shoes are very high quality and I love the design with a black lacing around the edge and nautical flags in the lining inside. They also come in brown and navy.

The children’s shoes cost £39 and I think this is a good price for such a high quality product. I love the look of the shoes for women and men as well.

Chatham Marine shoes

Molly really loves her new shoes and didn’t want to take them off, even at bed time! It has raised one slight problem though – we need to get a move on with teaching her to tie her shoelaces. These are her first proper grown up laced shoes and it has made her desperate to master this new skill. So how’s it go again – something about bunnies going in rabbit holes…. I never was very good at tying shoe laces myself!

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