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Charitable Giving: Reasons You Should Donate Old Clothes

Charitable Giving: Reasons You Should Donate Old Clothes

No one likes clutter, but it’s easy to end up with just that if you love to shop and neglect the importance of donating. Likewise, it’s easy for young families to end up in this situation because of how quickly kids grow and change interests. This is only one of the reasons you should donate old clothes and other items—find out why you should gather those unused belongings to give to a charity in your area.

You Can Give to Others

Charity is a great way to help those in need, and when you have gently used belongings you no longer utilize, why not give them away? Someone else will easily find a purpose for these items. Some people don’t have the means to buy new clothes, and charities supply them with the items they need to look and feel great.

If you have children, set aside time to look through the house and pick out old toys, books, and clothing that you can give away. By doing this with your children, you get an early start in teaching them about the importance of helping others.

A Bonus Reason

Helping others makes you happy! As you sort through your clothes, seek out great charities in your area. Before you pack a donation bag, visit the charity’s website to view acceptable items to donate; if you cannot find this list, call the charity.

It’s Better for the Planet

Another reason you should donate old clothes is to make our world a greener place. Unfortunately, some people throw away old clothes and other items rather than give them away—even if those items are in great condition. This is bad for our environment because it adds to landfills and puts more pressure on the fashion industry.

Plenty of charities resell the items you donate in thrift-like shops, then donate the proceeds. Your donations enable people to shop second-hand rather than constantly purchase new clothes; the more we do this, the easier it becomes to decrease our collective carbon footprint.

It’s an Opportunity To Declutter

When you neglect to donate old clothes, your closet fills up quickly and you won’t have room for new outfits. Putting aside time to go through old garments is the perfect excuse to declutter and decide what you can part with. This helps keep your home and closet organized while giving you room for something new.

Parenting Tip

Donating old clothes is a great way to reuse things your kids have outgrown. Children grow fast, and when they hit those growth spurts, it seems to happen exponentially! Once your youngest outgrows certain toys or clothes, give them to a charity so another child can love them just as much. Donate old belongings to share the love and make our planet a better place for everyone.

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