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Cereal Box Pencil Pots

Cereal Box Pencil Pots

Whenever it was the holidays we would always have the little boxes of cereal as a special treat for breakfast. Most of them are the same as the normal cereal a couple were really sugary or chocolately so it felt like they were really naughty. While I was staying at my parents, my mum did the same thing for my daughter and she was really excited to be able to choose her own little box each morning.

The boxes are a great craft material. My mum came up with a brilliant idea to use them for pencil pots. When we got back home we made them again (a great excuse for more mini cereal treats!)

You will need:

  • small cereal boxes (4 or 5)
  • strong glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • patterned paper
  • ribbon/stickers/glitter to decorate
  1. Eat the cereal for breakfast – yum, yum.
  2. Cut the boxes into different sizes. Use a ruler to measure so they are the same step each time.

3. Cut the paper to the same size as the box. Glue onto the boxes.

4. Decorate with ribbon or add stickers and glitter.5. Use strong glue or staples to stick the boxes together 

Here is one using the smaller cereal boxes. I think this will make a nice present for someone.

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